DANGER Produces Stunning 19-Track Soundtrack for HAVEN

Masked French producer, artist, and self-proclaimed video game enthusiast DANGER returns to the spotlight with his third official studio album, the original soundtrack for highly anticipated video game Haven. Featuring 19 meticulously produced tracks, Haven (Original Game Soundtrack) boasts DANGER’s signature electro-synthwave drenched flavor and sees him experiment with the colorful spectrum of vaporwave and funk. Alongside its video game counterpart, the Haven (Original Game Soundtrack) is out now across all streaming platforms via G4F Records. 

In Haven (Original Game Soundtrack), DANGER continues to prove why he’s consistently deemed to be one of electronic music’s most innovative electronic musicians. He subtly underlines his commitment to the small idiosyncrasies that define him – naming his tracks after the time of day that they were finished and his unmistakable black mask – but he welcomes new opportunities with open arms and an even more open mind. 

“I feel like people tend to romanticize the emotional world of kids: it’s this wonderful world, a time of innocence where everything is just joy and “simple” happy feelings. That’s not what I remember: for me, childhood is a world where everything is new, everything is strange, where things are undefined, a world made up of irrational fears. It’s a world that’s weird, intuitive and chaotic, where everything is built on sensations. Hayao Miyazaki’s work offers a very nuanced representation of this particular vision of childhood, and his work was an important reference for me as I worked on this soundtrack. “– DANGER


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