Daniel Blume Drops Sublime Dance-Pop Record, ‘Nights Like This’

Skyrocketing off the success of his 2019 Cheat Codes collaboration, ‘Who’s Got Your Love‘, Daniel Blume has been amassing a strong following in his dance-pop niche. This following is only sure to grow with the release of his latest, incredibly-catchy single, ‘Nights Like This’. It’s a tune about relapsing into the memories of a past relationship, somehow both upbeat and tragic at the same time.

The strong bassline and a pumping rhythm gets the energy flowing, even as Blume croons about his yearning for a previous lover. The forlorn vocals somehow complement the simple chord progression, making for a song that is truly sing-along worthy, especially in the early AM. ‘Nights Like This’ proves that Daniel Blume’s sound is poignant yet charming, stellar yet underrated. 

The single release was accompanied by an evocative music video, which you can check out below.




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