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Dappz Sports Launches New York Office and Grows Its Live Shopping Footprint

Dappz Sports

Dappz Sports, a pioneer in the live shopping and hobby spaces, has announced its new brick-and-mortar expansion, now open in New York City. This is the company’s first physical office outside of its headquarters in Los Angeles. The exciting new venture coincides with the brand acquiring its first live stream sponsor, Hostage Tape, a leading maker of mouth tape for better nasal breathing during sleep. Dappz Sports has reached a benchmark of growth with both opportunities and is ready to rise to the occasion.

Dappz Sports began as a single stream from its founder’s bedroom. During the pandemic, Matt “Dappz” McGuckin, founder of the brand, started opening packs of trading cards on a live stream and had the idea to sell them live on TikTok. Dappz Sports pioneered live shopping and was the first live shopping option in the hobby and memorabilia space. Since 2021, Dappz Sports has been the largest online platform and entertainment media company in the trading card industry. It has grown to include a 24/7 live stream, with multiple streams constantly operating. Dappz Sports has an average of over 15 million views per month and closed more than $20 million in sales last year. 

Recently, the company entered a new period of growth. With top executives hoping to double their annual earnings in 2024, the brand was ready to make major moves. On May 16th, Dappz Sports announced the opening of its new location in New York City, marking a milestone for the company. This new office means the brand will be able to host more live shopping streams and emphasizes Dappz Sports’ dedication to diversifying content offerings and tapping into broader market interests. “This expansion to New York is a huge signal to the world that Dappz Sports and the hobby are going mainstream,” said McGuckin. “Our presence in New York opens up many new doors for us as a brand. Stay tuned because we have some monumental deals on the horizon that will really launch Dappz Sports into the next sphere.”

One of these new deals is its collaboration with Hostage Tape. Hostage Tape is the company’s first sponsor, meaning Dappz Sports will feature Hostage Tape products during their live streams. The partnership presents a unique opportunity for both companies that promises to be mutually beneficial. Since live shopping is such a new concept, Dappz Sports is once again pioneering a new technique in the space by featuring a sponsor during their streams. Hostage Tape has been mentioned throughout the stream, and samples of Hostage Tape products are included with purchases made during Dappz Sports’ live streams. 

“We’re excited about having Hostage Tape be our first sponsor for the stream,” commented McGuckin. “This type of product placement and advertising has yet to be done in the live shopping market, and we couldn’t think of a better brand to link up with to initiate this next era of advertising.”

With so many irons in the fire, Dappz Sports is looking forward to the future. It has become a trusted brand in the memorabilia and hobby spaces, and it hopes to continue to bring joy to trading card enthusiasts. By expanding and diversifying, Dappz Sports plans to cement itself as a pioneering company across digital shopping and advertising for years to come.