There’s An Official Remix Competition For David Attenborough

This is not a joke, David Attenborough is currently running an official remix competition. You might be wondering what song he’s put out that would need a DJ mix, but it’s in actual fact his 1956 recording of Balinese Gamelan “Gender Wayang”.

The recordings were made when David Attenborough persuaded the BBC to let him go to Indonesia in 1956, to search for the Komodo dragon for the Zoo Quest series. It was here he encountered gamelan music and was amazed by the instruments, the music and the devotion of the people to this tradition. Interestingly it’s a sound thats inspired some of Indonesia’s biggest electronic artists.

The competition is open until June 10th and as is run by PRS and Songline, it’s only open to UK producers and the winner would perform the song at the Songlines Music Award 2019 ceremony. An expert panel has been brought together to help review the submissions including songwriter Cerys Matthews, Ghostpoet, Hannah Pell, Gilles Peterson, and Matthew Herbert. We’ll get to vote on the top entries and the winner will be announced later in the year.

You can download the stems here on dropbox and submit via the link below:

Splice General




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