David Dann Ends Decade Long Wait With “Rediscovered” EP Release

Aptly titled ‘Rediscovered’, famed dance music producer and modern maestro to icons of the industry, David Dann, released his first full-length studio EP in a decade. The EP follows the artist and label head of Mind Of A Genius as he falls back in love with house music. The EP also arrives hot on the heels of his 2020 anthem ‘You & Me’, which garnered widespread support and more than 1 million plays on Spotify in addition to attention from top-shelf music news leaders like Billboard, UPROXX, EDM.com, and LA Weekly – just to name a few. After teasing fans and studio heads with tracks and remixes during the height of the pandemic, he’s at last ready to unveil his long-awaited masterpiece.  

When I decided to get back to my solo artist project I was nervous – I didn’t know how the world would react and where this journey would take me. The EP really stands for what the last two years have been for me – a rediscovery of why I loved dance music in the first place and a true return to who I am as a creative. My friends, fans, and family have all have shown me so much love – they’re streaming my work and they’re dancing with me in real life and I can’t thank them enough. This is truly only the beginning and I’m excited about what this project will bring for me in the future.” – David Dann

In keeping with his signature tradition of nurturing the top musicians of tomorrow, the 5-track EP forgoes conventional blockbuster names in favor of emerging artists with strong talent and big hearts. It’s a gamble that paid off with a difference you can hear and feel. LA-based femme songstress Max Cardona, for instance, appears on the track ‘Mine’ with scintillating vocals pronounced in pyrophoric soul. On the track ‘Precious’ is golda may, a soon-to-be meteoric vocalist who produced and released her first album ever last year. Next up is Australian recording artist Nazzereene. On the silky track ‘Falling Into You’ she lays out delicate, melting vocals that tug at heartstrings as much as they draw you to the dancefloor. On the track ‘You & Me’, which was released last year, listeners discover the romantic French vocal stylings of NICOLAS, who also produced and released the first album of his career earlier this year. Put together, these collaborators fill ‘Rediscovered’ with a charm and fervor rarely found outside the scope of the truly fresh. By enlisting the help of breakout performers like those mentioned above he puts the full weight of his own creation behind other songwriters and producers for their skill – and not for the number of social media followers they bring to the table.

Fitting for a music project born in the recent pandemic, Dann’s EP art stays true to its theme. Designed by Brazilian virtuoso Roger Mattos with a retrofuturism visual appeal, the piercing aesthetic centers on a lavish yacht nestled alone on the quiet side of a towering mountain. It glides along the surface of a reflective lake under an orange sky, as if to symbolize Dann’s own solitude during his creative process. The cover art nods at the natural soul searching that took place when he went into self-imposed isolation to make the album, as well as one of the EP’s strongest tracks – Precious – which is a pulsing cover of the classic from Depeche Mode. It’s also primed with nostalgia while leaning forward with contemplation towards the future.  




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