David Francisco’s Inspiring Single: ‘If You Should Fall In Love’ Breaks Barriers

David Francisco, an awe-inspiring singer-songwriter, resilient producer, motivational speaker, and remarkable spinal cord injury survivor, resides in vibrant Los Angeles. His presence soared after gracing the American Idol stage in 2018, sharing an incredible tale of triumph over a paralyzing bike accident.

In 2020, Francisco unveiled his debut album ‘Lionheart,’ narrating his extraordinary odyssey, driven to ignite others. Now, he embarks on a groundbreaking journey with the release of his pioneering EP ‘Hypothetical Heartbreak’ in 2023, assuming complete mastery of production.

The EP’s lead single, ‘If You Should Fall In Love,’ impresses with its enchanting allure, charismatic disposition, and brilliant lyricism, encompassing the realm of indie-pop songwriting. Francisco’s melodies delve into love through his unique lens, embracing his romantic encounters despite paralysis and reminiscing about his bashful school days.

A celebrated guest on The Ellen Show and a revered producer for fellow artists, Francisco’s musical prowess has amassed an astonishing 80 million streams. ‘If You Should Fall In Love’ stands as a potent acoustic pop ballad, unveiling Francisco’s vulnerability and instilling strength in others to surmount life’s adversities.

‘Hypothetical Heartbreak’ encompasses the previous hits ‘Earhart,’ ‘Chameleon,’ and ‘Rewind,’ contributing to a splendid contemporary pop masterpiece. Francisco’s objective was to revel in the creative process and illustrate his evolution as a music producer, marking his renaissance in crafting his own soul-stirring melodies. The artist surely has more up his sleeve in 2023, follow him on socials to see what he does next.




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