David Guetta, Anne-Marie, & Coi Larey Create Alluring Dance Single ‘Baby Don’t Hurt Me’

David Guetta’s “Baby Don’t Hurt Me,” is a solid extension of what we know about the David Guetta sound. The man is a machine who keeps performing and releasing music regularly – after decades of doing so – and his contributions don’t weaken over time. He’s truly a respected figure within the global dance music scene. At it’s roots, the release is a cover of Haddaway’s “What is Love,” with duality of vocal direction being a seriously catchy aspect. Coi Larey lays down the heavier rhythm in the topline while Ann-Marie serenades with a colorful vibrance in her vocal selection.

David Guetta has had an extensive multi-decade career. His longevity and established brand helped lay the framework of a life changing deal. In 2021, David Guetta sold his catalog to Warner Music at a price-point rumored at ‘around 100 million.’ A massive feat for the DJ/producer and and a major bucket list item checked off.

This is one guy worth doing your research on, easily in the bubble of the top 25 most influential DJs ever, “Baby Don’t Hurt Me,” proves David Guetta still has the chops to play with the big dogs.




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