David Guetta’s ‘Kill The Vibe’ With MORTEN and Prophecy Is The Future-Rave Single Of The Summer

David Guetta’s recent single “Kill The Vibe,” created alongside MORTEN and Prophecy, emphasizes their celebrated Future Rave sound. The song is constructed with forceful techno beats, sharp percussion, and a club-focused atmosphere, ensuring a lively addition to any party scene. Its raw rhythm and chilled vocals aim to keep the energy high, asking everyone not to “kill the vibe.”

Guetta, a French electronic music icon, has garnered multiple Grammy Awards and global recognition. In 2022, he achieved a Billboard Top Ten hit with “I’m Good (Blue)” featuring Bebe Rexha, and followed it with the Grammy-nominated “One in a Million” in 2023. His career began in the late ’80s, gaining momentum in the early 2000s with the release of “Just a Little More Love.” His Ibiza-based party, “F*** Me I’m Famous,” further cemented his status in the electronic music scene.

Born Pierre David Guetta in Paris, his DJ career took off after he discovered acid house. Promoting successful club nights in France, a significant moment in his career was his 1992 collaboration with Chicago house legend Robert Owens on “Up and Away.” His 2001 hit “Just a Little More Love” with Chris Willis marked the start of his ascent in the electronic music world.

The new single “Kill The Vibe” showcases the essence of Prophecy’s unique sound. Known for their popular club tracks, Prophecy has been steadily rising, gaining support from notable artists like Tiësto and Fatboy Slim. The song blends house melodies and relaxed spoken lyrics about a carefree party lifestyle, pulling listeners deeper onto the dance floor. The transition into the vigorous kickdrums creates a satisfying drop, capturing the essence of a memorable night out.

Guetta and MORTEN’s collaboration on “Kill The Vibe” is a fresh chapter in the evolution of Future Rave. By combining elements of techno, progressive, and big room styles, they continue to push the genre forward, making it a staple for modern festivals. With Prophecy’s deeper vibes added to the mix, “Kill The Vibe” offers a compelling experience easy to return to again and again.




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