David Guetta & MORTEN Release Future Rave EP ‘Episode 2’

Following their single ‘Element’ just two weeks ago, Guetta and MORTEN drop Episode 2, their 5 track EP. Fans began to wonder when their next works would arrive and that has been answered. The EP title, Episode 2 seems to indicate a new phase in the duo’s future rave sound. That new phase can be heard in their productions also, which feature elements of their original sound – but in a refreshing manner.

The combination of techno, hardcore rave undertones and big room attitude is at the core of the fusion that makes Future Rave such an exciting sound. Launched as a collaborative project for Guetta & MORTEN in which they flex different creative muscle to their usual sounds, it spawned a fully-fledged genre in its own right with many contributors inspired to be part of it. It’s this network effect that pushed them to create a label for the sound, to unify the scene and provide a platform for the producers that will carry the baton forward and keep this fluid new genre evolving.

The lead single ‘You Can’t Change Me’ brings Raye back into the fold, having worked with David Guetta on numerous singles. The rest of the singles focus on the instrumental side of things with dark beats and catchy electronic melodies. Having heard all these singles via live streams and in person performances, it’s nice to have them officially releases and at fans’ fingertips.

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