Dayna Roman Unveils Sultry New Single, “Diamonds & Cashmere” 

Crafting a tune that’s perfect for the club space, with the goal of allowing people to let go and be themselves, Dayna Roman has struck gold with her brand new single “Diamonds & Cashmere.” A classic tech house banger, filled with groovy basslines, minimal instrumentation and sultry vocals, “Diamonds & Cashmere” perfectly displays Dayna Roman’s unmatched ability to bring together House music and Middle Eastern sounds, all while exploring elements of luxury, clubbing, and allure.

“This record provided me the outlet to continue to merge my Middle Eastern roots with my favorite genre, house music. Growing up in Chicago, I was exposed to the diverse underground House scene, inspired by legends like Frankie Knuckles and Jesse Saunders,” explains the talented artist. 

A DJ and model with a glamorous lifestyle, Dayna Roman regularly bounces between Los Angeles and New York. She was born in the Middle East before emigrating to Chicago as a child, and was raised and heavily influenced by the city’s underground House scene. She has received support from the likes of Diplo, Dombresky, The Chainsmokers, R3HAB, Ship Wrek, and more, while also being a journalist with degrees in both Broadcast Journalism and Political Science. 

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