deadmau5 Releases Remix Album ‘here’s the drop!’

In clever play on words, deadmau5 has titled the remixes of his 2018 LP ‘where’s the drop?’ as ‘here’s the drop!’. The album is out on deadmau5’s mau5trap imprint, where just last week they released a compilation album in collaboration with Insomniac.

With the original album being quite orchestral and acoustic, as the title suggests there are no ‘drops’. This time however, the remixes are a lot more electronic and ‘drop’ friendly.

With the original pieces being quite melodic and orchestral, they serve as a pleasant base to remix and edit. It is evident by the quality that the artists enjoyed remixing this productions.

mau5trap artists like No Mana are featured throughout the remixes as well as Anjuna melody maker Spencer Brown. Morgan Page kicks off the tracklist energetically with his take on ‘imaginary friends’. Morgan’s mix has to be one of the highlights from the package! Techno duo Pig&Dan provide, as you’d expect, a killer techno mix. Tinlicker lend their talents on ‘luxuria’ after their album release last week.




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