deadmau5 Reveals That A New Album Is Imminent In Recent Interview

deadmau5, aka Joel Zimmerman, was interviewed by Niagara Falls Review about how the virus has changed things for him both musically and business wise.

In the interview, Zimmerman says he has “a lot of music in the pipe,” and a new album is imminent. But like every major touring artist, he’s waiting to see what the new landscape will look like.

deadmau5 recently released ‘Pomegranate’, a collaboration with The Neptunes (Pharrell Williams + Chad Hugo). The track is quite different to Joel’s other more underground releases. Could we see an album full of more commercially friendly music? Time will tell, as Joel is likely set to release his new album once things music wise become normal once more.

“My whole summer program was set to be like my biggest year. We had a record to debut at Coachella, and then the whole house of cards fell down and we were like, ‘Wow, nice timing. You couldn’t wait six months?'”

“I’m getting really used to going into my little home-built studio, performing a DJ set for three hours, walking two feet the other way and just passing out on the couch and hanging out with (my wife) Kelly,” he says. “No sweaty night club vibes, no having to see what’s open at four in the morning so I can get a snack before I go to bed.

He continued, “I mean, I’ve been practicing social distancing since 2004. I got this down.

In regards to his businesses, Joel explained; “Times are changing but no sense crying about it. It’s just finding new ways to keep established and keep a business moving, we have over 27 employees that count on the company and the decisions that we make to keep them employed.

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