deadmau5 Teams Up With Former Hacker YTCracker On ‘AntiSec’

Collaborating with none other than YTCracker, deadmau5 has releases a single “Antisec,” getting the year kicked off on the right foot.

YTCracker initially rose within nerdcore rapper circles and is now gaining more mainstream notoriety. The term “Antisec” itself refers to the AntiSec Movement, which ‘fights’ against the cyber security field.

It can safely be said that the single has experimental influences within it, both the beat and the verses impacting the senses as something truly different, which is a refreshing and an intriguing aspect that mixes itself into this news. The blend of hard hitting, ruthless vocals and colorful electronic sound design is easy to put on repeat.

The single dropped a couple days ago ahead of We Are Friends Vol. 11, a compilation series that releases on deadmau5’s established label mau5trap.




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