The Death Metal Version of Greta Thunberg’s UN Speech ‘How Dare You’ Has Been Signed

Last week Greta Thunberg made headlines for her UN Speech. The video went viral and sparked a conversation. Of course, the internet did what it does best as well and started a bunch of memes. However, then there was Suaka drummer John Mollusk transforming the speech into a death metal song. Now the song has officially been signed by a label.

Sweden’s Despotz Records officially released the version of Greta Thunberg’s speech retitled ‘How Dare You’ but they are looking to do good and preserve her message. The label will be donating all of its profits from the release to Greenpeace. 

How Dare You – G.T

Speaking on the release, “it better than … we on this label [or] any other adult so far has been able to say it, so one of the best things we can do is to use our platform for spreading her own words”.  The track was created by Suaka drummer John Mollusk who told Rollingstone regarding his version that he was inspired by her cause “The words she chose just evoked the darkness of the metal music I love”.

The label speaking on the release says “Greta embodies rock music in its full meaning […] She is uncompromising, tough as hell and doesn’t give a shit about what people think of her. She is not afraid to tell you about the scariest things imaginable without beautifying it a bit, and that is what metal is about”.

Its also not the first time she’s been featured on a record, although last time it was by the 1975 and a 2018 speech was softly underpinned by melancholic music.

Greta is standing up for the people and assisting in saving our earth, this song will help deliver the message to more audiences and the profits being donated is icing on the cake.

To support the movement, you can buy the track on Bandcamp here – with 100% of profits going directly to Greenpeace. Alternatively, find it via your download or streaming platform of choice.




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