Declain, Calvesco, and SONJA “Break The Silence” on Loca Recordings

With releases on Maxximize, Spinnin’ Records, and Revealed Recordings, German producer, Declain, has certainly built his reputation off his unforgettable melodies and high-tier productions. We’ve been told that his latest single, “Break The Silence” with anonymous producer, Calvesco and first-time German topliner, SONJA, has taken three years to get to the point of release. During this time, the song has undergone extensive changes to get to the point where all parties were happy with the product. Having heard the track, it’s safe to say the result was well-worth the time spent. 

“Break The Silence” proves yet again that Declain and his collaborators put melody first, leaving us with something that is catchy, emotional, and enjoyable to listen through. The big surprise comes in the second half of the song where the trio ups the BPM and marks the first uptempo release from Declain. SONJA puts in a valiant performance which completely embodies the message of the track: artists want to be heard. With two releases a week from artists all around the globe, Loca Recordings is certainly a label to watch in 2020 for fans of festival music. Be sure to stream Break the Silence using the link below!




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