Deezer Launches Exclusive DJ Mixes

To celebrate the end of the decade and just in time for New Year’s Eve, our friends at Deezer have launched six exclusive DJ mixes. Unlike other streamable mixes, each artist featured will receive their fair share of royalties, a first in the industry.

The hour-long mixes are destined to be the perfect soundtrack to many New Year’s celebrations across the globe with sounds for techno fans, house fans, progressive fans, and everything in-between. The artists that kick-off Deezer’s exclusive DJ Mixes are as follows:

  • Michael Mayer is the fundamental pillar of renowned techno label Kompakt and one of Germany’s core DJs. He brings us an essential mix of his label’s classics and hidden gems
  • Modeselektor prepared a wildly diverse DJ mix, infused with boundary-breaking music from their SSPB imprint. The kind of crazy you would expect from the Berlin-based duo
  • Mark Knight, the House heavyweight from London, shares a mix full of Toolroom Records dance-floor ingredients
  • Will Saul, one of the pillars of UK dance, has prepared a deep exploration into the universe of his Aus Music
  • Sultan + Shepard are a Canadian-based duo signed to Armada, one of the biggest dance labels out there. They have selected some of their favorite deep to progressive house cuts
  • Makoto, the iconic drum ‘n’ bass DJ from Japan represents the excellent Hospital Records. He takes you on a journey to his favorite places in the genre

Each mix is downloadable for offline enjoyment and also includes an accompanying playlist of each individual track featured in the mixes, another excellent feature for ease of discovery and save-ability for users. These mixes from stalwarts of the industry are the first for Deezer with more coming in February, which includes a mix from the pioneering imprint WARP Records.

Robin Wilms, Deezer’s Global Dance & Electronic Editor, had this to say:

“Taking official mixes to streaming is kicking off a new era in dance music. We’re doing this both for the artists and fans. After years of unfairness for creators and artists featured in mixes, you can now listen to exclusive, quality sets. All while knowing that every producer is finally getting the royalties they deserve.”

All mixes can be found here. Be sure to give these a listen. They’re excellent sonic journeys.




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