Sydney Premier Vows To Stop Defqon.1 After Two Deaths

With Defqon.1 taking place last Saturday, the Sydney Premier has vowed to ban the festival after two individuals died from drugs. Of all festivals, it’s expected that Defqon.1 would have the most trouble with drugs. Even though this is the case, it’s not fair that Defqon should be stopped. The festival does not allow drugs. Mrs. Gladys Berejiklian (New South Wales Premier) needs to understand that these individuals made the choice to take drugs – they knew the risk. If pill testing was deployed at this festival, countless lives would’ve been saved. People take bad drugs only because they do not know they are bad. People will take drugs no matter what, people are ok with the risks.

The Premier does not mention any bans of alcohol. Defqon has indirectly caused two deaths, however alcohol killed 1837 people in NSW in 2014, a little over 5 people a day. A massive drug-fuelled party has caused 2 deaths and it occurs annually, whilst alcohol kills over 5 people a day and thats not event specific.

The NSW government is out of touch, after introducing lock-out laws a few years ago, Sydney’s nightlife is basically dead, apart from their casino unsurprisingly.



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