DEMUR’s Dystopian Bass Release ‘Call Of The Void’ EP Out On Position Music

After releasing singles, “Let It Be,” and “Keep Me Safe,” USA artist DEMUR has now released his 5-track EP in full. Embracing a dystopian theme through all the tracks that deliver a shocking chill to the system. Paired with that, is a thunderous heavy design that easily allows the experience to fall into the ‘bass,” category. Across all the songs, there’s a distinctive overarching theme which connects all the music together. Aspects like the basslines, the elongated tempos, and the overall darkness helps concentrate the meaning of the experience into a all-consuming fold.

DEMUR has found a way to stand out with his sound. There’s just not many others out there who do what he’s doing sonically.

He’s clearly being recognized for it. He’s had music signed to Create Music Group and, in this case, Position Music. He’s been noticed by TV network HBO, who placed his music into a Gossip Girl trailer. On the streaming front, he’s well over 1 million streams collectively with his monthly listeners currently at 60,000.

Having started off around the mid-2010’s but now gradually picking up more and more steam, DEMUR isn’t going anywhere with 2022 staged to be another productive year for the artist.




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