DEMUR Releases 2nd Single ‘Keep Me Safe’ Off Of Forthcoming Album

DEMUR is taking bass music in a dirtier, darker direction. Singles off his upcoming album tease the most recent flow he is taking his style. “Be With Me,” and now “Keep Me Safe,” both feature a broad common feel, dystopian-driven bass melodies laced with confident, conquering structure. Instead of building out cookie cutter bass tracks with the intention to be club-friendly, he’s taken a more cinematic approach to his productions.

The originality is paying off, his music has been synced to a trailer for HBO’s ‘Gossip Girl,’ that, in part, happening due to the well-connected imprint his music is being released on: Position Music.

“Keep Me Safe,” wastes no time getting into the nitty gritty of what DEMUR is all about. Static-filled percussion lays the groundwork with creepy, distrustful feminine vocal samples and slurred brass taking center stage. The experience is epic and instantly fills the mind with fantasies of an apocalyptic nature.

Simple, yet well thought out and highly animated, DEMUR side-steps generic bass music to bring something integral, intelligent, and time-testing to the table.




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