DEMUR Teams Up With Bradley Denniston For Rock-Tinged Bass EP ‘No Time To Die’

DEMUR typically goes with a particular theme or setting within the EP’s he makes, which there are now a total of 3. While Call Of The Void was more dark and technological, No Time To Die is plainly earthy with an old west flavor spread across the 5 tracks that put in place. DEMUR teamed up heavily with singer/songwriter/vocalist Bradley Denniston to bring this to life, well-selected talent had a large impact on the EP attaining the feel that was intended for it.

All of the tracks embrace a eclectic balance between the world of modern southern rock/blues and popular bass music. Each single ties strongly together with various cues which help it convey an over-arching, more connected flow that all true EP’s should have. Although there’s plenty of commonalities between all the tracks, each song stands on it’s own two feet. Track like titled single “No Time To Die,” has a groove to it that’s more club-friendly while “Ransom,” carries a more cinematic and radio-friendly attitude.

There’s plenty to cherish with this EP, for bass fans especially. DEMUR has been putting his all into this project since 2016, with his success, direction, and productivity hitting higher marks than ever in 2022.





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