Desert Dwellers Present Second Installation of ‘Beyond Borders’ Livestream

After over two decades of perfecting the live music experience, the electronic pioneer duo Desert Dwellers have captured its essence of music, art, movement, and community through their new live stream series, Beyond Borders. No longer limited by location and equally as surreal at home as in club or exotic venue, Desert Dwellers will be performing and showcasing an alchemy of musicians, VJs, live painters, flow artists, and dancers each month.

The stream will be returning for its second installation on the Dessert Dwellers Twitch channel this Friday, June 19th, with an exclusive lineup featuring Random Rab, Kaya Project, saQi, Liquid Bloom, painter Amanda Sage, performers Anthony Flowers Ward, Pole Priestess, and Crescent Dance Project, and visuals by Julius Horsthuis.

In support of the Black Lives Matter movement, Beyond Borders will also be donating a portion of the proceeds to the NAACP Legal Defense Team which fights racial injustice through litigation, advocacy, and public education.





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