Dillon Francis Releases Part 1 Of ‘Magic Is Real’ Mixtape

Today we have the first part and half of Dillon Francis’ new and anticipated mixtape ‘Magic Is Real’. This is Dillon’s first mixtape in 4 years!

In mid-August, the producer revealed that the mixtape would consist of eight tracks in total, revealing the titles and co-producers of the four selected for part one of ‘Magic Is Real’.

GO OFF (Nuthin’ To It)
Bawdy w/ TV Noise & Big Freedia
NomBa Clot ft. Bunji Garlin
Still Not Butter. 

Fans have been especially vocal regarding ‘Still Not Butter’, a retake on his track ‘No Butter’ from his 2014 album Money Sucks, Friends Rule. ‘GO OFF (Nuthin’ To It)’ was released in the week prior to the mixtape and has gone viral on TikTok with Dillon’s stupid yet hilarious dance moves being duplicated by users. Dillon even got Marshmello and David Dobrik on the case as you’ll witness in the video. This mixtape is a return to the Dillon Francis who would smash out hard hitting moombahton hits back in the day and we’re all for that!

The entirety and second half of the mixtape of Magic Is Real will be in your hands on November 15th.






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