Diplo & Joji Connect On New Single ‘Daylight’

A collaboration of monumental proportions takes center stage. Two of the most buzzworthy talents in music who are often shared and recognized for their comedic talents have joined forces for a tranquil melodic wave called ‘Daylight’. If you hadn’t guess already — or read the title –, the record comes from Diplo and 88 Rising talent ‘Joji’ dropped today via Sony’s Columbia. It comes as Joji’s third single release of 2020, backing up previous successes including ‘Gimme Love’ and ‘Run’. For Diplo, the track is a slight deviation from his stream of House and Dance-focused sounds that he has steadily released via his imprint ‘Higher Ground’. Despite the delineation from Diplo, ‘Daylight’ is primed and ready to be a groove that satisfies Dance fans, Joji fans, and the broader music spectrum.

It’s quite easy to get lost in the sound that Diplo and Joji expertly weave together. There’s an underlying “goodness’ that slithers out and grabs ahold. It’s that feeling that dances around you and wraps you in a warm and happy atmosphere as if a beam of sunshine spotlighted your every movement. It’s as if Diplo and Joji went, “the world is awful right now. Let’s do something that brightens people’s days”, and what came together is the appropriately titled ‘Daylight’.

As predicted with this unique combination of talents, they have cooked up a music video that is far from what the laidback vibe of the song would usually be paired with. In the clip, Diplo and Joji take the role of two very disruptive and destructive production crew members on a music video shoot alongside a very plastic-looking, self-absorbed director. The video follows their escapades through a variety of outstanding visual sets filled with a wide range of oddball characters who seem to be a boyband cutting their own music video. Diplo and Joji also join in on the ridiculous choreography, disrupting the old man boyband further. To close the video, it cuts to a brighten desert scene with Joji and then fades out with an announcement that his Nectar is coming September 25, giving us the official release date to the album.

Stay tuned to CULTR as there is more coming from Joji, especially with the album date announcement. To stream ‘Daylight’ or watch the music video continue scrolling. You can also follow the link here to choose your DSP of choice or go direct to YouTube for the video by following the link here.




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