Dirty South, Blanke & No Mana Grace EDDIE’s Remix Pack

EDDIE recruits a few friends to take on three different tracks from his mau5trap catalog.

Fellow Melbournian, friend and collaborator Dirty South takes on ‘Somewhere in Between’, providing a touching house rendition that perfectly intertwines with Collen D’agostino’s vocal.

Under the same management as EDDIE is Blanke, who puts his spin on ‘Abandon’. The Aussie artist brings grungy drum and bass elements to the record that hit hard, another sick remix in the pack.

Friend from the other side of the world No Mana redefines EDDIE’s ‘Shine’. No Mana brings his hard hitting electro house sound to the track, making for another awesome remix.

EDDIE concludes the EP with his own single; ‘Still Healed’. This seems to round off his ‘healing’ collection of tracks. Beginning with ‘Healing’, then ‘Still Healing’, next up was ‘Healed’ and now finally ‘Still Healed’.

“This remix EP feels unique & special, in the sense that these are my good friends that I admire and respect so much… and they’re all remixing different songs of mine in completely different styles too. So it really is incredibly refreshing,” – EDDIE




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