Britain’s Freshest Trio: Disciples – Exclusive Interview

A smoldering of elegant sensation rises from your toes to the synapses that comprise your brain. The rush is decadent and fulfilling, yet there is an insatiable need for more and more. Then the next surge pulsates with thunderous luminosity, revealing to the mind that your disposition is set and the need to groove is necessary. That is the brilliance of Disciples and their most recent records, “Only The Gods” and “Better on My Own”.

The multi-platinum trio made up of Gavin Kool, Nathan Duvall, and Luke Mac, are no strangers to creating an icy cool vibe that tantalizes and titillates with ravenous fervor. They did exactly that with their most recent release of the double-single, which features the vocal work of the angelic and siren-esque Anabel Englund. Disciples also connected with American purveyor of deep psychedelic House, Lee Foss, on “Only The Gods” to build a rich and vibrant record. The culmination of the double-singles is nothing short of exemplary and deserves our recognition for being magnificent songs, breathing fresh, inventive air amongst a dance scene inundated by prototypical House sounds.

With that in mind, I felt it was necessary to catch-up with Duvall to discuss “Only The Gods” and “Better on My Own” and to learn about their journey. Here is our exclusive interview:

How did your collaboration with Lee Foss come about?

We had the song written about a year ago and while we were finalizing the production, it felt like it was missing a certain edge. Gavin had the idea of adding Less Foss to the mix and that was the cherry on top.

Piggy-backing off the previous question, tell us about how “Only The Gods/Better On My Own” with Anabel Englund came to fruition. Was it always intended to be a two-track, A/B release?

We actually wrote “Better On My Own” five years ago with Anabel Englund. It was a session of drinking more than actually making music, so we forgot about the record entirely – until “Only The Gods” was born. The original vocalist and writer of “Only the Gods” (Hannah Wilson) sounded beautifully haunting – which gave us the idea of Anabel being on it. The rest is history.

If you could choose any environment for people to listen to the new tracks or your music as a whole, where/what would it be?

It would have to be Ibiza, 6am after being up all night – stumble onto the beach and feel the sun rise.

How did you get into electronic music and how/when did you guys connect to form a trio?

We were all more into hip hop and r&b in the beginning, we still are, but Gav was definitely the early adopter of house music which he then fed to me. I’ve always written songs so I decided to write to house music, instantly I felt a vibe with it – so we made music together in our college years with very minimal success lol, then in walks the missing link – Luke Mac, who brought a younger fresher inexperienced piece to the puzzle. Once we joined as three, we were signed within a few months.

What are your favorite electronic albums or songs? How about your favorite non-electronic music?

Mine is “Who’s Afraid of Detroit” by Claude VonStroke.

What are your biggest musical inspirations? What about inspirations outside of music?

Our inspirations are wildly different from each other’s which is why our music sounds a bit different I guess. I’m massively influenced by the Funk era and Motown which is why I have such a love for groove and moving bass lines. Pharrell Williams & MJ are my biggest influences.

If you’re drawing a writer’s block, what do you do to break free from it?


How do you want your sound to be remembered?

As long as people say “do you remember that Disciples tune that goes….” And they try and hum the bassline – I’d die a happy lad.

We’re around the 5-year anniversary of “How Deep Is Your Love”, your collaboration with Calvin Harris. How did it come to fruition? What was it like to work with someone who was at the pinnacle of the genre?

I don’t use this term lightly, but Calvin is 100% a genius. He is music, he just gets it, and he’s so humble and always willing to help even on music he’s not putting out himself. He is the example.

You guys have had quite the journey over the last 7 / 8 years. How would you describe your evolution? Any stories that you’d like to share?

The journey has been full of ups and downs. We’ve had great public success and massive private brawls but at the end of the day, we’re brothers who like to make music together and nothing will change that. Long may it last, I say!