Disclosure Return On “Ultimatum” With Fatoumata Diawara

Brothers Guy & Howard known for their hits such as Latch, Magnets, and Holding On have been on hiatus since their 2016 EP. Their return on “Ultimatum” features Fatoumata Diawara who’s been sampled in the song and is a famed Malian born, now French based artist. Fatoumata’s vocals add an intricate element to the production. While her name might be new to many she has performed alongside Paul Mcartney, The Roots as well as toured worldwide.

The record popped up on New Music Friday and marks hopefully the start of a new album campaign and possible shows. Disclosure in a true to their style way turned Fatoumata’s vocal and intertwined it with their forward thinking production to deliver an infectiously catchy record both suitable for the dance floors at the sunday morning playlists.




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