Discover Mindchatter’s Wizardry on “Night Goggles” & his Favorite Music Videos

To break through the typical, the orthodoxy du jour sound that is served to us by the digital machine and the gatekeepers takes unrivaled talent to summon a contextual essence that subverts the algorithmic 1’s and 0’s to connect to the humanity it serves. An act with the penchant to break the “slice of the day” sound who seems to be on the cusp of something special with universal adoration, is Mindchatter. His ability that shatters the standard electronic mold has seen him break through to gain critical acclaim and a bubbling, ravenous fandom. Andoctely, I love his third single, “Tough As Nails” and often have it ringing through my head on a daily basis. I expect that if this trend continues that it’ll be in my top records of the year.

From Mindchatter’s spellbinding artistry, he has brought forward his newest record, “Night Goggles” and its music video. The record and the visual tell a narrative of connecting to the world and finding different perspectives to appreciate the beauty around us. The music is alluring with swirling poignancy of hope and admiration. The music video is absolutely brilliant with stunning visuals that help to elevate and express the story of “Night Goggles”. Overall, the art is breathtaking and highlights an artist that is bold and brave with unrelenting ability to share his perspectives. It is why we asked Mindchatter to share his favorite music videos and how they’ve influenced his art. Without further adieu, here are the favorite music videos of Mindchatter.

Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill

I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from Gorillaz both musically and visually because the whole fictional world they’ve created is really engaging. Their model of having a visual artist that’s part of the band is one I’ve aspired for myself. Luckily I found Simon Abranowizc who’s done all my artwork and some art direction for other projects as well.

The Blaze – Territory

The Blaze make incredibly intimate and emotional videos. Territory has a heavy dose of nostalgia for reckless youth and family. Shot in Algiers, it also gives a really beautiful look into a culture I’m not used to seeing. I appreciated the Blaze’s music even more after seeing their visuals.

Aphex Twin – Windowlicker

Such a strange, hilarious and iconic video. Definitely will never be able to get this one out of my head… It’s always inspiring to see bizarre ideas that I never would have thought of.

Joji – Gimme Love

It’s a music video on crack, it cuts to a new clip every down beat for the entire first half of the song and then goes slow-mo to Joji stealing a spaceship… I love it.

Lorn – Anvil

This one’s like an acid trip… takes you into a whole new world. The detailed hand drawn animation style feels really unique. I found this video right as I was forming the early ideas behind mindchatter and I think this pushed me in the direction of that kind of adult swim style hand-drawn aesthetic.

This Is America – Childish Gambino

Here’s a video the whole world has seen. It’s probably the most ambitious music video I’ve come across. Childish Gambino gets some insane one take shots and delivers a really powerful message while busting out moves that nobody knew he had.

LCD Soundsystem – Oh Baby

I should probably stop geeking out about LCD Soundsystem because I always mention them in interviews but this video is beautiful. It’s essentially an entire short story condensed into a 5-min song. I admire the way it’s edited to slowly build in suspense with the song and the whole concept of two lovers building a teleportation machine is thought-provoking stuff.

Papooz – Ann Wants to Dance

This is just a low budget, homemade style video of a band fucking around having a good time that I’ve always found refreshing, entertaining, and hypnotizing in a way. Sometimes a more off-the-cuff video feels more authentic.

Here is Mindchatter’s “Night Goggles”. You can also follow the link here to choose your DSP of choice and follow the link here to view the music video off CULTR.




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