Discover True Sultriness with Divine Interface and the Release of Slide Piece

An undeniable smoothness cascades over your body sending tingles all the way to your toes. No, it’s not Isaac Hayes. Nor is it LA’s current trendiest crooner, Channel Tres. It’s Divine Interface and his newest release “Slide Piece”. An artist and sound that’s well worth your attentive gaze and time.

The Atlanta native provides a different spark than what we expect from the beacon of Southern hip-hop. He’s assuredly not trap, the genre invented and most commonly exported by his home city. He doesn’t use hip-hop styled percussion or beat progression. The synth design and the overall sound has a more easy-soaring and breezy coastal feel that is often found in Los Angeles. Even his use of 808s, which earmark a lot of trap and Southern hip-hop, is distinctly not Atlanta-styled.

But at the same time, there is something quite “Atlanta” about Divine Interface’s sound. There is a boldness to his stylings that is common amongst those of his city. There is a rich stickiness to his sound design that sinks its teeth in your midbrain synapses like the soul music that also calls Atlanta and the South home. In total, there is an obvious confidence and care-free nature of an artist who knows what he is and who he’ll become that gleams from Divine Interface like it has from so many of the star artists that have launched from his city.

On “Slide Piece”, Divine Interface oozes the sleekest coolness that will entrance with a vibe that listeners will want to feel over and over. It’s as if he was born and molded by the other side of the pillow and he wants everyone to feel it too. His deep and rich baritone voice melts over you and sends you down the whirling slide of sultriness where the sounds of his production serenade you. That sort of energy and spiritual decadence is the essence of “Slide Piece” and why you need to listen to it.

To better understand the creation of “Slide Piece”, he had this to say:

“This song started off with me wanting to make my own version of the cha cha slide. Kinda like a joke, but I slowed it down and it reminded me of a lot of Sade songs. That’s why it sounds soft. But it still made me dance around my room for hours.”

In conjunction with the release, an official music video was also dropped. It features Divine doing his best easy-going dance moves, spliced with several scenes of different types of sliding. Everything about the video is pure perfection for “Slide Piece” and helps build a magical environment that is precisely Divine Interface. Be sure to check it out. You won’t want to miss out on the hype-train that’s on its way to the masses.

To view the music video, continue scrolling. To listen on your favorite streaming platform, follow the link here.




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