DJ Snake & Selena Gomez Team Up For Certain Hit ‘Selfish Love’

After celebrating their 4x platinum plaque for ‘Taki Taki’, in which they are sitting at over 3 billion streams on Spotify and YouTube, DJ Snake and Selena Gomez began teasing their single; ‘Selfish Love’.

This will be the third release from Snake since his Carte Blanche album in 2019, with his 2020 releases being ‘Trust Nobody’ and an edit of AUDREY NUNA’s ‘damn Right’.

Unsurprisingly, the track possesses all the ingredients for a soon to be hit, from DJ Snake’s rhythmic instrumental and fresh incorporation of a catchy saxophone melody to Selena’s talented vocal work, ‘Selfish Love’ is a masterclass in pop music.

There is no doubt that, just like ‘Taki Taki’ this track will be a huge success. The powerhouse artists have proven their talents many times over.

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