Djedi & Mannequin Combine Talents On Hardwave Track ‘What You Wanted’

Two artists focusing on the hardwave sound, Djedi & Mannequin, have aligned their talents in one go. Signed to, “What You Wanted,” is powerful and infectious, the single delivering a certain cyberpunk interface while sprinkled high-hats and percussion that circulates through the speakers. The echo-induced synths and atmospheric vocal samples add to the fantasy oriented aesthetic this single already brings to the table. “What You Wanted,” is the type of track that can transform your day, catching the listeners attention with it’s natural flow and refreshing feel.

The label is very much focusing on the new genres this next decade of dance music is bringing us, in particular hardwave. Based in the mid-west, the label is comprised of the imprint itself, a radio show side, and an artist agency part, giving a more full spectrum of opportunities to the artists they service.

Djedi has over 10 years of touring and DJing experience under his belt. His signature sound that makes him ‘him,’ is dubbed “Laser Soul,” and he is also a co-owner of Performing at events such as Lightning in a Bottle, Lucidity, Sonic Bloom, Emissions, Raindance, and many others, he’s been around the block when it comes to the music industry and music production alike.

Mannequin has been on a roll since his inception in 2019, having a unique spectrum of sounds within his discography. Not too much is known about this rising act, but a bit of mystery tends to inflate the curiosity of listeners around a maker of music, especially when the sounds are of this quality and caliber.




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