Dog Drops ‘Monster’ Deluxe Album, Including Unreleased Bonus For Fans

Hailing from the midwest, Samuel Wilton, aka Dog, started producing beats at the young age of 14. As time passed his sound and persona matured and he eventually released several albums of pop-oriented hip-hop between 2019-2021. The recently released album ‘Monster’ puts all sides of Dog on display and can be considered his most complete work to date. But now, Dog is releasing a very special deluxe version, featuring a very special bonus for fans… One of the tracks that was left on the cutting room floor. ‘Burnt Down Farmhouse’ is getting it’s own release here, and features a very animated Dog spraying wild lyrics all over the rugged production. He explains further:

‘Burnt Down Farmhouse’ is a song from monster that didn’t make the cut but I still really loved. I’m glad it’s getting released on monster deluxe as I originally intended so. It’s a fun song for fun people who like to have fun.” This is certainly Dog at his very finest, but don’t just take our word for it. Have a listen to the deluxe version below and make up your own minds!




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