Dom Dolla & Co Showcase Incredible Music at Sensational Melbourne Event

Aussie act and talented house producer Dom Dolla held a stunning show last Saturday, joining forces with Untitled and Sweat It Out to make it happen. With almost 8,000 attendees across this show and his XE54 fundraiser, Dom Dolla has never been in higher demand and we’re most definitely apart of said demand.

Dom Dolla was joined by friends Torren Foot, Market Memories, Jordan Brando and Mady Moora for an exciting day in Melbourne.

The atmosphere was perfect, with all attendees loving the incredible music played by the acts. With each act being of the house genre, music was similar throughout the day – but each act remained unique in their own right – allowing for a diverse day nevertheless.

Held at the Coburg Velodrome meant for a spacious night, but a dusty one – especially when windy. Dirt in drinks was not that pleasant, but the grounds was great – especially having an entire football ground to chill at.

The production was next level, with a large stage design that towered over attendees. It’s not surprisingly to see a great production from the Untitled group, their work at Beyond The Valley, Pitch and others is praised among attendees.

Dom Dolla is set for the rest of Australia when he returns from American and Europe in May.

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