Dom Dolla sets the Weekend Mood with “San Frandisco”

If you’ve been a weekly subscriber to my Remix Radar series, you’ll know that I absolutely fangirl over Dom Dolla. The man has a way of spinning tracks that have the right flavoring of punch and wobble to scratch my itch. It’s as if he speaks to my inner spirit animal, but rather my inner spirit DJ.

Fortunately for me and others, Dom Dolla returns with his new release, “San Frandisco” via Sweat It Out. As the weekend begins to set in, sit back – or stand up – and hit play on “San Frandisco”, and don’t worry; the weekend mood will soon be set.

The Aussie artist spins together a magical world rife with “wub-ing” baseline, searing sirens, and hypnotic hi-hats. These elements mold together to construct a whimsical energy that reverberates like waves through the body. It’s nothing short of intoxicating.

In Tech House fashion, Dom affixes a well-placed sample that ultimately creates the crux of the track. In that sample, a local San Francisco dance icon explains how the house scene inspired him to embrace the city and “never leave”. As if the sample were a prophecy, you to will embrace the energy and never want to leave the bewitching world of “San Frandisco”.

Catch Dom Dolla live this fall when he goes on an American tour with Sonny Fedora. Tickets and tour dates can be found here.




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