Don Diablo’s Single ‘Feelings’ Channels Euphoric Dark-Tech Vibe You Can’t Miss Out On

Don Diablo has released “Feelings,” an introverted and dark tech house release with deep house influences. The release boasts pop elements in the topline that is featured with this release, but keeps it mellow in the instrumental part of the track. The vibe is sophisticated and high-class, sharing an energy that’s all it’s own and complimented by a thick thump in the bass.

Don Diablo is known for a variety of house and mid-tempos sounds, as well has his exhilarating live performances alongside his highly successful HEXEGON record label. All considered, “Feelings,” fits in the lexicon of the Don Diablo experience. The man has been in the game for years and an influential figure at that. “Feelings,” is a continuation of this sentiment and locks in the concept that this talent still has the longevity to keep his fan base more that satisfied with quality productions.

Don Diablo has over 6 million monthly listeners and tours regularly. While other artists take long breaks after having break-through moments and multi-year runs of tours and music, Don Diablo has continually stayed in the limelight through it all – putting the work in to remain consistent and present within the electronic music scene.

This super start isn’t going anywhere, give him a follow on his socials to see what his next move may be.




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