Donatella Makes Her Debut With Lyric Video Known As ‘What Do I Do Now?’

It’s the messaging behind “What Do I Do Now?” that truly makes the impression. Donatella has released her first song ever and only at the young age of 16. The future is looking bright and expansive for her and all signs are pointing toward Donatella’s intent being to make the most of the opportunities that are presented.

From an instrumental perspective, the single embrace alt pop, deep house, and an all-around good feeling aura to articulate it’s stance. The track feels overall at a professional grade and dance fans seem to be latching on to it heavily. The lyric video has surpassed 200,000 streams and continues to climb – that being just one of many platforms the song it available on.

The direction of the video pulls the viewer into a positive-feeling world featuring bright colors and lush landscapes. Yet, fast-editing and plenty of CGI is what keeps your eyes locked upon the screen, constant stimulation hitting the sense again and again. The pairing of the sound with the video is a match made in heaven.

Donatella is aiming to get into the NFT space as well, working on a collection that, when ready, will have a drop date announced and will be connected with her alias.

“What Do I Do Now?” marks a spectacular first release with more in the works on the back end to bring out the full-experience of what Donatella is meant to be.




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