Drew Harvey Releases Catchy And Soulful ‘Another Life’

Garnering proper attention to himself via the passionate and soulful “Another Life,” Drew Harvey has had little issue when it comes to regular quality releases that stand on their own two feet. “Another Life” falls in this same lane but, not for reasons of redundancy, in fact quite the opposite. The single shares elements that veteran listeners more than likely have been accustom too, but juxtaposes these cues with distinct hooks, a pop-meets-hip-hop vocal rhythm throughout the single, and a four-chord beat that allows the theme be channeled in unified and complete manner.

The single is far from Drew Harvey’s first, if the quality of this single doesn’t speak that for itself. Harvey’s Shinitai EP released in 2019 put him on the map and splashed what he’s about all in a grouped multi-track journey. From there, singles have kept fans at bay, the career and sonic quality seem to only incline for this solo musician.

“Another Life” is a unique extension of the Drew Harvey signature sound that’s been rising in listenership since 2019.




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