Drex Carter, Redveil, & KKami Team Up On Trippy Chill Hip-Hop Single ‘Live From The Matrix’

A trio of hip-hop talents combine their styles to make something intellectual and catchy all in the same go. “Live From The Matrix,” is the result of their efforts, forming a vivid music video to top off the experience. Clearly alluding to the movie ‘The Matrix,’ but also introspectively highlighting the theory that life could be a massive simulation that none of us are aware of, the cinematic direction chosen here is rich in character to say the least.

An inventive hip-hop experience makes up the core of what’s encircles the viewer. A lo-fi beat lays down a seriously chill platform as the toplines help you stay fastened to the music video handiwork. On the video front, hand-held camera effects, ‘traditional’ music video shots, and well-rendered computer graphics play a roll in placing-together something unique and captivating.

On top of this, a NFT has been generated to help bring more attention to the creative prowess that’s ongoing, which is now available on the Ghostmarket, a NFT marketplace.

“Live From The Matrix,” goes above and beyond the call of duty in more ways than one, Drex Carter, Redveil, & KKami hitting the nail on the head 100%.




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