Dro Montana Discovers Her Purpose While Opening For Latto In Atlanta

It is in moments of great pressure and opportunity that an artist decides his or her destiny. For Dro Montana, this moment happened after a show where she shared the stage with infamous rapper – Latto (Previously known as Miss Mulatto).

After slaying a crowd of over 500 people in Atlanta, Dro stepped off stage to be met with a question from an eager interviewer: She simply asked Dro: “What is your purpose as an artist?”Dro rubbed her hands on her chin as she pondered this deep question – and in that moment, it hit her like a ton of bricks: Her purpose was far bigger than her own solo project.

Dro Said: “I realized right then and there that the most fulfilling trajectory for me would be to give back to the Hip-Hop Culture I fell in love with. This meant creating all facets of an entertainment legacy and empire. A full team, Clothing Line, Record label, Music Studio, and beyond. This way I could give artists the same opportunity I gave myself. Since then – I felt a distinct clarity on who I was and where I was going.”

After flying home from the show, she hit the ground running – she formulated her first clothing brand venture: HighAboveSociety – Which already boasts some of the Dopest footwear available in the game.

She then built her own recording studio. Offering other artists an opportunity to fall through, record, and have a safe space to create to their highest artistic abilities.

She’s currently using her own music project as the blueprint to blow artists up on her future record label. She is finessing the perfect creative, marketing and music teams to accomplish this intention.

Her stunning music videos show that her visual team has already been carefully picked. She enlisted Rook, Frankie Fire and Executive Producer/Manager Masarati Ray – who are some of the most cutting edge creatives and sought after directors/producers in the hip-hop game.

This is the kind of fire that only the highest of visionary artists hold – Names that come to mind are Lil Baby, Tems, Brent Faiyaz, and J. Cole. This fire has clearly been sparked inside the mind’s eye of Dro Montana. We are excited to see how this unfolds in the coming months as she drops her slew of singles and album.

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