DROELOE Announce Anthology Album Alongside New Single ‘Roadside Flowers’

Dutch duo DROELOE are back with new music. Their new single ‘Roadside Flowers’ is out now! Featuring their signature electronic style, fans are sure to love this new one.

Alongside their newest single, DROELOE also announced their album A Matter Of Perspective, which is made up of their last three EPs and seven brand new tracks. The 29 track album will be out through bitbird November 13th, you can pre-save it here. We cannot wait to see the incredible art that will be paired with the album.

‘Roadside Flowers’ displays DROELOE’s production and composition sophistication to the max, flitting between dulcet quiet and bombastic intensity with a delicate touch. Constantly morphing and segueing its energy and emotion, the final crescendo brings with it an enormous pay-off.

Overall it’s been a great day for DROELOE fans and dance music fans. We’ll be counting down the days until November 13th.




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