DROELOE Unleashes Powerful Single ‘Feeble Games’ with Inspiring Message of Standing Strong

DROELOE, the ingenious musical maestro, is poised to enrapture listeners once again with his latest offering, “Feeble Games.” This captivating opus is slated for release on Friday, May 19, and has already piqued considerable interest from industry and music fans alike.

Renowned for his ability to convey profound perspectives through music, DROELOE presents a uniquely crafted lexicon of sounds and lyrics. His forward-thinking approach to composition yields a sonic work that pushes boundaries, a usual feat for the brand.

Beyond the musical prowess, “Feeble Games” enthralls with its breathtaking introspective lyrical content. Centered around the theme of resilience and determination, the song urges listeners to stand unwavering and fight for their convictions. Denying feeble games constructed on the foundation of fear, DROELOE emphasizes the importance of knowing right from wrong and acting properly on it.

The solo talent has announced an upcoming US tour, with performances scheduled in prominent cities such as Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Chicago. Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience as DROELOE brings his visionary creations to life on stage.

DROELOE reached a crossroads in the artistic journey. On October 21, 2020, the group announced their decision to part ways, marking the end of their collaboration for the group. However, Vincent Rooijers, one half of DROELOE, has chosen to continue his musical pursuit as a solo artist under the same name.

While the split signifies the conclusion of their joint endeavors, Vincent Rooijers will carry the torch, exploring new musical horizons, while his former partner, Hein Hamers, focuses on creating visual art for other projects.





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