DROELOE Releases Vulnerable Single ‘Open Blinds’ on bitbird

DROELOE offers a continuation of their 2018 The Choices We Face album with their latest single, “Open Blinds.” Released via bitbird, the four minute offering serves as affirmation to spend one’s time with what feels right. Rather than worrying about whether one’s time is being utilized to the upmost importance, it’s more important to enjoy life and live freely.

“Open Blinds” hits with a stimulating, melodious entrance as an alarm clock awakens listeners from a deep slumber. As the sun rises and blinds are open, moody vocals express the woes that come from starting the day without a particular goal in place. The melancholy lyrics set up the minimal, beat-fueled production that ventures through addicting dance frequencies. It’s the perfect tune to welcome a new day, offering a sense of relatability on a topic not frequently touched upon within electronic music.

 ‘Open Blinds’ is about the pressure that life naturally has (sometimes especially in the morning when starting your day) and how a fear of not being productive enough or a feeling of not spending your time right, will all, but be solved by basking in those emotions.” -Vincent Rooijers

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