DubVision & Firebeatz Bring ‘Lambo’ To STMPD

Dubvison and Firebeatz have released their long-awaited collaboration ‘Lambo’. The artists have been teasing this track all summer during their shows at Tomorrowland and EDC. ‘Lambo’ has been a staple in DubVision and Firebeatz sets for almost two years now and it finally sees the light of day through Martin Garrix’s STMPD imprint.

DubVision and Firebeatz came together to create METAFO4R in early 2018. They even played an entire set worth of their tracks, however at this point in time we have only seen two releases under the moniker. It is very surprising to some to see ‘Lambo’ not fall under their METAFO4R branding. A lot went into the creation of the group, for that to be for nothing would be disappointing, let’s hope this is just one off and we see more tracks under METAFO4R.

When played at Tomorrowland 2018, fans pinpointed this track from the set, they saw its quality and potential after just its first play. They were spot on, the hype for the release has only grown – especially when Martin Garrix dropped it at his THE ETHER ADE set!

The production is rather simple, but the mix between the repetitive vocals and the instrumental creates a true groovy banger that really stands out in a 60 minute set. This is evident when Garrix dropped it, you can see and hear and the crowd get excited!





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