Dugong Jr Shares Fresh ‘Pleasure Principle’ EP

Melbourne based talent Dugong Jr has just released his 6 track Pleasure Principle EP through Be Rich Records. With millions of streams to his name, Dugong Jr is sure to continue that success with what could be his best work to date.

Incorporating sounds from the 80’s, jazz elements, UK garage and soulful piano, the EP unites a wide spectrum of sounds and the results are amazing. Together with impressive vocals, each track presents a unique and individual feel but still feel unified as an EP.

On the EP, Dugong Jr explains; ‘Pleasure Principle’ was really about trying to get back to my roots as an experimental electronic producer. Not setting out to create genre-defined music, and just doing what felt exciting in the moment, pursuing the ‘Pleasure Principle’. I was extremely fortunate to be able to pick a handful of my favorite artists in Australia to work on this project with, each who I really respect for their own individuality and tendency not to shy away from more experimental ideas. This year has been very challenging for most, me included, but I’m super proud of this project and really excited for it to be out there in the world.’

Incorporating elements of both surrealism and retro futurism with a polished digital finish, the visuals for Pleasure Principle were created himself alongside long-time friend and frequent collaborator Nickeays (Bring Me The Horizon, Poppy, Nicole Millar), establishing a unique aesthetic to reflect the EP’s sonic palette.




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