Duskus Embarks On Personal Ambitions With “In Retrospect” EP

Duskus wants to leave his style and brand of music with a lasting legacy. His quiet and lovely approach to electronic music has separated himself from the other newly emerging talents. The Manchester-based producer has turned his musician training into something fully immersive and has a distinctive electronic sound that traverses between dancefloor and solo listening.

Now arriving on ODESZA‘s Foreign Family Collective is the “In Retrospect” EP from Duskus. Drenched in atmosphere and emotion, you are able to absorb the extent of the producer’s signature within these five tracks. 

Speaking on this special and highly personal project, Duskus shares: “In Retrospect’ is a journey to find myself as an artist and as a person. It is discovering how fragile and delicate this world is, comparing how people choose to live, and the different pathways that they take. I believe that life doesn’t have a guideline, and there’s no right or wrong way to live, each decision we have made in the past, has shaped our power and knowledge now. ‘In Retrospect’ showcases my existential mind drifting in and out of different life stages, to create a journey of wonder and mystery.”

– Duskus





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