Dustycloud releases inventive SkyFall EP

With the opening track achieving its namesake, ‘Find A New Direction’ is presents an upbeat House mixe with elements of Industrial, EDM, Ambient House and Funk. Live horns and keys accent and compliment the mechanical nature of the programmed instrumentation.

‘Passion’, the following track, ups the ante immediately, with vocal samples triggered consistently throughout to make a catchy chorus. A cacophony of percussion reverberates into a space-like sound that acts as an interstellar drop for an intergalactic dance floor. The rawness of this track subsides momentarily for some lush Jazzy House chords in the center of the track. The immense crescendo returns and segues directly into the next track ‘Mighty’.

Closing out this outstanding EP ‘Mighty’ begins with distorted, static like percussive hits, distant vocal samples and moves into an EDM drop with futuristic electric oscillating melodies. A smooth bass and a thumping drum beat appear, before evolving into a another lush segment of serenity to again return to the beautiful industrial chaos of before. ‘Skyfall’ is a true musical journey, covering much ground with sharp turns that keep the listener stuck interested and in constant ecstasy.




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