DYLVN Impresses With Hot New Track ‘Feels Like Lucy’

Hot on the heels of buzzing single “Feeling For Nothing,” DYLVN moves in for the kill with “Feels Like Lucy.” Continuing to defy genres with his broad skill set, “Feels Like Lucy” is DYLVN’s most sophisticated song to date. Eschewing drums, bass and pretty much everything other than an acoustic guitar, DYLVN uses varying vocal tones and a monster chorus to capture quite a mood. His compelling, honest and relatable songwriting are the icing on an already delicious cake.

DYLVN elaborates: “Feels like Lucy is about the strong companionship you develop with someone you love. Far beyond the intimacy, you know it’s never going to be possible to move on from the memories and other great friendships you’ve developed because of this relationship. You step back and realize it can never work for good reasons… and if all they can give is their friendship you accept that because you care about them so much. What’s the perfect girl if it’s not the perfect time.”

While growing up in San Clemente, CA, songwriting and performing pulled at DYLVN like a magnet, leading to involvement in acting and music in high school. After graduating, his friends encouraged him to jump into music with both feet, revealing his personal emotions. In 2020, he released his first single, “Dust of Love,” which picked up a little traction on Spotify showing DYLVN that there was an audience for his music. This later led him to releasing “Falling Far From Home ”, his debut album in 2021 which is a series of songs about personal life experiences and heartbreak. After some time off in early 2022 to focus on writing music, DYLVN is finally ready to share his music and continue to grow his fanbase. 




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