Dysphemic Releases Forward-Thinking LP Apollo

Following up on last years’ Mind Bandit EP, Australian native Dysphemic returns with his brand new LP Apollo, out via Dysphemic Productions. When it comes to producing boundary-pushing and unique bass and dubstep music, the artist has over 10 years of experience on his back; crowned by VICE as a “pioneer of classical dubstep” after having released his debut album Hypnosis back in 2010. This comes as no surprise as Dysphemic was born into an artistically inclined family; being the son of “Father of Australian Psychedelic Art”, Vernon Treweeke, his artistic vision is strong and uncompromisable.

Dysphemic’s LP Apollo spans 7 tracks and features his brother Yiani Treweeke on the guitar. Throughout the tracklist, the duo explores various bass music tempos and styles while really showcasing their Egyptian-Greek musical influences in combination with their creative influences growing up in Australia. Highlights off the tracklist include “Peyote Demon” which kicks off the LP and is a trap-leaning banger filled with middle-eastern melodies, progressive dubstep gem “Arch Angel”, as well as stunning downtempo production “Journey” which rounds up the LP.




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