EAZYBAKED Drops Highly-Anticipated EP ‘Rotations’ on Deadbeats

The highly anticipated EP Rotations by EAZYBAKED is set to make a big splash in the electronic music scene in particular within bass music circles. With its release on Deadbeats, the duo considers it a testament to their hard work and dedication, the integrity being a noble aspect of this work. The duo have become known for pushing the boundaries of electronic music, establishing themselves as a hot, up and coming act that are one’s to watch.

Recently, the group delivered a memorable performance supporting Ganja White Night at the renowned Red Rocks Amphitheatre, further solidifying their position in the scene. Rotations reflects the ever-changing cycles of life, capturing the challenges and opportunities that each day brings.

The EP features four distinct tracks: “BOOM,” “Stomper,” “Expectations,” and “Diamonds.”

“BOOM” electrifies the auditory senses with an exuberant and fiercely dynamic demeanor, unleashing an infusion of high-voltage energy that ignites the listener’s very soul. Seamlessly melding cutting-edge sonic architectures, “Expectations” transcends the boundaries of conventional bass music sounds, transporting listeners on a spellbinding odyssey through uncharted musical frontiers. Featuring Wreckno,”Stomper” amplifies the EP’s impact, propelling it into the stratosphere of notoriety and earning accolades, including a coveted feature in Forbes. Furthermore, “Diamonds” exudes an ethereal luminescence, layering the EP with an exquisite brilliance that dazzles and captivates the discerning ear. As the auditory virtuosos of EAZYBAKED unveil their latest experience, each track unfurls like a symphony of envelope-pushing vibes and ingenuity, delivering an auditory carpet-ride that is both visionary and extraordinary.

With their unique blend of bass-heavy beats and differentiated soundscapes, EAZYBAKED continues to captivate audiences with their fresh and captivating sound. As they unleash “Rotations,” listeners can expect a mesmerizing experience that showcases the duo’s unparalleled talent and creativity.

6/10-6/11 – Chicago, IL – Heatwave Festival
6/22-6/25 – Rothbury, MI – Electric Forest Music Festival
7/14 – Piercy, CA – Northern Nights Music Festival
7/27 – Artemas, PA – Big Dub Festival
9/9 – La Cygne, KS – Dancefestopia
10/7 – Hammonton, NJ – Submersion Festival

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