EDC: Las Vegas Officially A Go In May, But Why?

Insomniac CEO has confirmed that the 25th anniversary of EDC will go ahead this May, from 21st-23rd. There was uncertainty around the event taking place in May, with October being the other proposed date.

America is certainly not ready to open back up to its normal state, especially with events such as festivals. With many states not offering club shows, it will be interesting to see the tactics being provided by Insomniac to ensure the safety of ticket holders. There’s simply no consensus on the right approach to hosting a massive gathering that exceeds 25,000+ and here we are expecting a limited capacity of 100,000 more or less. What’s for sure is that EDC will not be the same this time around, with talks of constant mask wearing and even dogs checking for COVID – this will not be the same experience.

With limited capacity, why run the event now, when it could be 100% in October? Many questions are up in the air and at this point, holding EDC in May is not really the best decision when it comes to the health of attendees. While many are likely to be vaccinated, many will not be and it could go pear shaped.

Why have Insomniac rushed to hold it in May? We may never know but for many, it is hard to fathom the rush to EDC which is not only a risk to festival-goers, but could have harsh consequences on the festival season we all hope to have this coming fall of 2021. One thing’s for sure, vaccinated people that feel comfortable in crowds will have a ball, finally being back at festivals in over a year.

Pasquale Rotella closed by stating that both the lineup and details surrounding EDC’s safety protocols will be announced soon. Ticket holders are able to transfer their 2021 tickets to 2022 here.




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