RIGOONI Puts Enchanting House Spin On Edu Schwartz Single Released On ‘Where The Heart Is’

Edu Schwartz, known for his captivating metaphysical house music, presents “A Poem for Every Day of the Year (RIGOONI Remix)”. This experimental and entrancing track features acoustic string plucks, adding a therapeutic touch.

Edu’s undeniable skill and consistency have earned him recognition in the Brazilian electronic music scene, with notable performances at events and a coveted residency at Warung Beach Club. In 2020, he co-founded the label Words Not Enough, which has been a platform for his releases along with Circle of Life, The Purr, Roaming Leaves, Desert Hut, and Keyfound Records in 2021.

Meanwhile, RIGOONI, a talented Brazilian producer/DJ, has been making waves with his melodic, organic, and atmospheric sound. From signing with Balance Music and charting on Nick Warren’s album to releasing remarkable tracks on Anjunadeep and other esteemed labels, RIGOONI continues to captivate listeners and elevate the electronic music scene.





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